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The Spider Plant

I got a spider plant in April 2002. In July, I got a kitten.

The spider plant looked pretty good in July.

Lookin' pretty good.

And it looks nice today, too. In fact, it's thriving (9/15/2002).

Man, look at all those leaves! Check 'em out from another angle!

This is how it looks to the kitten.

Kitten thinks, 'Hmm, what's my best route?'

This is how it looks to the kitten now (9/29/2002).

Basket hanging between two windows, roughly 6 feet in the air.

This is how the kitten looks at it.

Lustfully, longingly.

It's definitely thriving now (January 2005). I think maybe Mr Bun has elected to let it live. It seems like he never pays attention to it anymore.

Bright-leaved and bushy ... leaved

But then, maybe that's just what he wants me to think.