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Too egalitarian

Mr Bun started doing something that drove me crazy. He'd walk right up to me and bite my hand while I was typing. If perchance, I elected to play fetch with him right away, he'd be thrilled to do that instead, but I didn't want to reward him by playing fetch with him every time he bit me.

Then I realized, hey, jumping on me or biting me is not all that convenient for me, but I actually chase him around the apartment, raise up my arms, and say "rawr" at him when I corner him. Once I chased him around the apartment waving a wooden mixing spoon. (The chase thing absolutely goes both ways: I chase him from the kitchen to the bathroom, then he chases me back into the kitchen, and so on.) He's almost certainly just doing the same thing right back at me.


Or did I just misspell "CRAZY CAT LADY" about 100 times?

January 21, 2004