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Complete kitty bafflement

Last week, I went on a walk in the rain. I wore my snowboarding jacket, and it was pretty soaked when I got home, so I draped it over a chair in the kitchen.

My cat loves to play fetch, and I usually throw the ball into the kitchen from my desk. (Sometimes I fake him out and throw it into the front hallway after a few feints in the direction of the kitchen. He's usually around the fridge and to the stove before he realizes I tricked him.) He runs and jumps and bats the ball around a little and then he trots back and drops it at my feet.

Today he couldn't find it.

Because it bounced off the top of the chair, then fell onto the back of my snowboard jacket and caught, lightly, between the sleeve and back of the jacket. Bun dislodged it, and it dropped into a pocket. Hilarity ensued.

He poked and nosed at that pocket for several minutes, from outside and in. He stuck a paw in and fished around. Eventually he tried the pocket on the other side - a desperation familiar to me from times I've been running late and misplaced my keys.

kitty fishing in pocket poking head under the edge of the jacket
clearly at wits end, fishing in the opposite pocket

That's when I took pity on him and retrieved it, and the game continued.

October 24th, 2004