About WUMPUS plc

The Wabash Cannonball was found in Issaquah, Washington in 1989, after which he was the wholly owned subsidiary of his parent organization. WUMPUS has headquarters in San Francisco, California.

The Wabash Cannonball died in 1998 after a brief struggle with cancer. He left behind him a legacy of kindness, serenity, and cheer and is remembered fondly even by dog people.

On Wabash's untimely demise, a search for a new Principal was initiated. This search signaled a change in direction for the company, but the name WUMPUS was retained.

The City of New Orleans was appointed on July 1, 1998. Previous accomplishments included getting fleas and pink eye at the San Francisco SPCA. She was later discovered to have a metabolic disorder. Miss Orleans has dedicated her tenure to raising awareness of medical disorders with behavioral consequences -- such as metabolic disorders that appear initially to be indiscriminate peeing throughout the house.

WUMPUS allocates significant resources to research and development, including evaluation of cat-allergic individuals and a study of the fur-carrying capacity of human clothing. WUMPUS is working to leverage its research and technology into salable products and plans to appoint a Board of Directors in 2001.


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