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WUMPUS plc is the ideal place to develop a career or start one.

In this pivotal role, you'll manage a complex combination of meals, snacks, and petroleum-based hairball remedies to maximize The City of New Orleans's nutritional health. A proactive, generous personality is necessary. This is an excellent entry-level opportunity for an energetic self-starter, eager to grow in a stable organization.

Massage Therapist
A crucial aspect of the smooth running of WUMPUS plc, the massage therapist keeps The City of New Orleans relaxed and ready for action. Second only to Caterer in its potential impact on the bottom line. A firm yet gentle touch is necessary. Experience required.

Activity Coordinator
A challenging and strategic role, an activity coordinator is sought to stem the tide of The City of New Orleans's increasing girth. The ideal candidate is detail-oriented, persistent, and highly motivational. Proficiency in Kitty Fishing Pole, Catnip (loose and in toys), and a full range of Balls (belled, tinfoil) is required. Familiarity with wind-up toys a plus.


Liberal vacation time
Low-stress environment
Excellent sunspot access
Liberal nap benefits
A food-friendly attitude
No dress code
Unlimited cat fur

WUMPUS Recognized

WUMPUS plc has been recognized by Executive Cat magazine as one of the 100 happiest employers when lying in a sunspot.

Applying to WUMPUS

For all positions, please submit a cover letter and resume. URLs are acceptable. Creative submissions, such as video tapes, are encouraged.

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