WUMPUS plc Research Activities
WUMPUS plc is eager for user involvement in its research program. Proposals for research directions, sharing of data, and volunteers for studies are all welcome.

WUMPUS is engaged in the following research activities:

Examining the outside world via windows. This consists entirely of Clayton Street in San Francisco, although it does not by any means encompass all of Clayton Street. Special attention is currently being given to a fire escape landing on the third floor that appears to attract a disproportionate number of birds.

Personality assessment of cat-allergic individuals. WUMPUS is still enrolling human subjects for this study. It's hard to tell whether WUMPUS expects useful data from this study or just likes tormenting allergic individuals.

Long-term study of the carrying capacity of human clothing with respect to feline fur. WUMPUS is still enrolling human subjects for this study. This is conceived as a prospective case-control study, but no effective mechanism for evaluating -- or even recruiting -- controls has been devised.

Get Involved
Do you have an idea for a product or service? It can be based on the above research activities or any other. If your idea is chosen for development at WUMPUS plc, you will receive a nice gift. [Idea-sharing form repaired March 2005.]

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